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What is included in DPC?2021-03-10T11:18:09-07:00

Basically, everything that can be done outside of the hospital setting! Well Child Care, acute illness management, telemedicine, in office labs, in office blood draws, follow-up care, behavioral counseling, urgent care, and in-office procedures, such as minor wound care, stitches, wart removal, foreign body removal, etc.  Our members will also have access to at-cost laboratory testing, at-cost imaging services, as well as whole-sale medications.

Do you take health insurance at Platypus Pediatrics?2021-03-10T11:20:20-07:00

No, we don’t bill or use health insurance at Platypus Pediatrics. You will never be asked for a copay.

Do I still need insurance?2021-03-10T11:23:11-07:00

Direct Primary Care does NOT take the place of medical insurance. And, DPC practices do not require that you have insurance, but we do highly recommend that you maintain medical insurance.  Medical insurance is needed to cover catastrophic injuries or illnesses which require hospitalization or surgery.  Most specialists will also require the use of insurance.

Do you accept Medicaid patients?2021-03-10T11:25:13-07:00

By law, Platypus Pediatrics cannot accept Medicaid patients at this time.  We will continue to work with our state legislators in order to be able to accept Medicaid patients in the future.  Please let us know if you would like to be put on a Medicaid wait list.

Do my membership dues qualify for my HSA?2021-03-10T11:35:07-07:00

Yes.  As of 2021, DPC membership dues are considered a medical expense, not an insurance premium.

Is there a registration fee?2021-03-10T11:35:44-07:00

There is a one-time registration fee per family that is non-refundable.  If you discontinue your membership and then rejoin, you will need to pay another registration fee.

What ages does Platypus Pediatrics accept?2021-03-10T11:36:22-07:00

We see patients from birth through college.  We can even start caring for your child prenatally, if known complications or questions exist.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?2021-03-10T11:39:27-07:00

We understand that needs may change, and we want to help you through whatever transitions you’re making. If you need to cancel, we would appreciate a 30 day notice.  If you are paying your membership dues quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, your remaining balance will be refunded.

What is your philosophy on immunizations?2021-03-10T11:39:58-07:00

We are passionate about the benefits and safety of routine childhood vaccines and strongly encourage all of our families to immunize their children according to the recommended schedule. As of this time, we are unable to offer immunizations to our patients in-office.  All patients will need to acquire their vaccinations at their local health department, a traditional pediatric practice, or a local pharmacy (for patients over 2 years old.)  We are actively working on a better solution and will keep you updated!

Do you offer Meet-and-Greets?2021-03-10T11:40:18-07:00

You are welcome to schedule an appointment or just stop in to say “Hello” and have a look around the office.  Phone calls are welcome also!

Do you have a wait time?2021-03-10T11:40:37-07:00

Our patients do not wait for their appointments.  We see our patients on time.  We also guarantee same-day or next-day appointments for our patients.  So, when you’re a member, you can have the peace of mind that you’ll be seen when you need it.

Is your office safe from COVID-19?2021-03-10T11:40:57-07:00

With the DPC practice model, there is only 1 patient in the office at a time.  And, there is time to thoroughly sanitize our small office between patients.  We are also fortunate to have functioning windows in the office, allowing for fresh air-flow through the office when weather allows.  As a member, you will have the option of scheduling virtual or face-to-face visits – both safe from COVID!

Still have questions?2021-03-10T11:41:13-07:00

Send an e-mail to: info@platypeds.com or call 720.773.7373.

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